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Viktoria Ringlander29.6.2021

Five global customer service trends in 2021

The pandemic has changed people’s lives so profoundly that it’s hard to think of a corresponding event in the modern era. This change brings with it a new playing field and market for the customer service industry. E-commerce, for instance, has taken a massive step forward in our time of lockdowns.

Many changes are permanent, which means companies need to adjust and adjust quickly. The transition from office to home office showed how quickly things can change – but also how they can be done differently, and how they can become more efficient in the process. One thing that quite clearly will not change in the coming years is the importance of customer service when it comes to running a successful business.

In order to fulfill the potential of our customer interactions, it is important to stay updated on changes in the customer service field. For this reason, we have put together a short overview of customer service trends in 2021. Have a read and use the insights to develop your own customer service offering!

The main trends presented in the report:

  1. As sales increasingly happen online, customer service becomes the face of the company
  2. The customer support experience becomes almost as important as the customer service experience.
  3. Fast self help for simple queries – the rise and rise of self service continues
  4. Omnichannel is key for an integrated experience in all channels
  5. An increase in distance support

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