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Viktoria Ringlander29.6.2021

Webinar: Automate up to 60% of the simplest chat-based contacts and free up time for personal service when it comes to more challenging inquiries

Many of today’s customers use different digital services to find the answers to simpler queries – but when it comes to more challenging inquiries, personal customer service is key to a good customer experience and a satisfied customer.

The more time you can fee up for these more complex questions, the more resources your company can use to meet these needs for personal service. By letting a chatbot deal with the simplest customer service interactions you can do this – save time for the more challenging queries.

This, and much more, is discussed in our webinar, where you also meet our chatbot partner GetJenny. Using GetJenny’s AI-assisted chatbot service you can automate up to 60% of your company’s simpler chat contacts. The chatbot teaches itself to answer simpler questions on its own, and can also transfer a query to a human customer service agent when a question becomes too hard. Some topics can also automatically be redirected to your manual customer service team.

By combining ‘traditional’ customer service with automated chatbots, you can easily deliver on your customer’s expectations when it comes to contemporary customer service: to deal with any query no matter when, where, or in which channel it is being asked – and to easily get a personal conversation going when a complex query arises.

In the webinar, we also talk about the latest trends in customer support and customer service.

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