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Viktoria Ringlander29.6.20211 min read

Swerwegian, Fanish or ‘Scandinavian’? Do you find it hard to establish a local customer service presence on your Nordic markets?

A personal conversation is built on a mutual understanding. In the Scandinavian countries, we tend to think that we understand each other across national borders and language barriers. Often, we forget that the local language is of outmost importance to the functioning of a customer service and its complementing the customer experience.

At Dynava, we offer customer service in the national languages spoken in the Nordic countries: Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish (and English). This makes us a perfect partner for anyone with customers in several countries. No matter where your business is based, you can be sure that your customer service works and has a local presence in all markets.

Dynava has a long and solid experience of customer service in the Nordic countries, and we are not shy about the fact that we have one of the best customer service teams on the market, one that understands both people and the local markets.

This means we can help companies with a well-developed Nordic market position, as well as a company looking to enter and grow in a new market. We can help you through all of the steps on your journey of development or growth.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, but can act on our own, which makes us an ideal partner for businesses with Nordic clients but without a physical presence in this part of the world.


Viktoria Ringlander

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